Meet Kelly

Kelly Joyce Photography

Actually, Scratch that. Enough about me…Tell me what feeds YOUR soul.

(If you ask my best friends, they’ll tell you that’s my tagline.)


My favorite thing in the WHOLE WORLD is meeting new friends, forging new relationships and loving people “where they’re at.”

I’m that girl at a bar who loudly proclaims to the person I JUST MET, “I don’t want to know what you do from nine to five, I want to know what feeds your soul.”

It’s, for sure, a cornerstone of who I am. Honestly, it’s what drew me to photography in the first place–that insatiable desire to discover what makes people unique and authentic… and then freeze it forever in an image.

Each one of my couples has a one-of-a-kind story to tell, and it’s my goal to capture that story with authenticity, joy, and laughter. So much laughter.

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 What My Clients Say

Kelly is fun, professional, easy going, hip, and just the right amount of vain to help capture the best side of you. Most people aren’t used to being photographed. Kelly will gently direct you and help position you in the most flattering light possible. She really cares about her clients and her work. She’s a true artist.
— Jessica
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Things I Love 

karaoke - thrifting - Harry Potter - an unconventional wedding - mid-century modern design - the beach - Charlie Hunnam & SOA - my 1995 hunter green LeBaron convertible - working under pressure - my kids - airports - olives & cheese - meeting new people - my camera - my hot husband - vanilla lattes - dancing - a movie marathon - all.the.seafood. - my maltipoo, Winnie Quinn - making cold press soap - the smell of a new baby - cooking for friends - impromptu coffee dates - spontaneous adventures - The Office - being a night owl - musical theatre -


Things I Don’t

snow - my ADD - being told what to do - my allergies - cats (see: allergies) - doing laundry - clutter - emptying the dishwasher - traffic - being told I can’t do something - grouchy kids - being celiac - my sister living on the west coast - corny movies - mornings - sinus infections - raw onions - mean girls - people who take themselves too seriously - black licorice - chipping nail polish - low fat anything -

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 As Seen In

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