Capturing the rich

moments of life


Oh, hey! It’s you.

I was hoping you’d stop by. 

Welcome to Kelly Joyce Photography!

Based in Central NJ (it does exist), we believe in honest storytelling and authentic connections. Preferring candid to cookie cutter, we strive to capture the real, in-between moments that will leave a legacy for years to come.

Kelly Joyce Photography

Meet Kelly

I’m Kelly, the boss lady over here at KJP. A lover of the human connection, my heart is happiest when I’m making unique, authentic art through my lens.

In this age of social media, I love me some face-to-face interaction. Unannounced drop-ins at my farm for impromptu hangouts, latte-drinking and laughing till our sides hurt are my bread and butter.

To me, wedding days are an extension of just that… I come alongside my happy couples, love on them, and make them feel comfortable in front of my camera. The result? Images that truly reflect them and their love story. Learn more about Kelly here >>